Webhooks will POST an object to a target URL when certain events happen. Updated object(s) will be in an array. If the POST request gets a http 410 Gone response, the webhook will delete itself. If it gets a response other than 200 or 410, the webhook will retry with a backoff delay.

Property NameDescription
eventtype of webhook event
targetUrlurl to POST the updated object to

Webhook Events

The event specified will decide the type of object that is sent.

Event NameCategoryObject TypeDescription
BOX_CREATEPipelineBoxWhen a new box is created
BOX_DELETEPipelineBoxWhen a box is deleted
STAGE_CREATEPipelineStageWhen a new stage is created
BOX_NEW_EMAIL_ADDRESSPipelineBoxWhen a new email address is detected on a box
BOX_EDITPipelineBoxWhen a custom field, notes, assigned to, or name is edited on a box
BOX_CHANGE_STAGEPipelineBoxWhen a box changes stage
BOX_CHANGE_PIPELINEPipelineBoxWhen a box changes pipeline
COMMENT_CREATEPipelineCommentWhen a comment is created
MEETING_CREATEPipelineMeeting note/Call logWhen a meeting note or call log is created in a box
MEETING_UPDATEPipelineMeeting note/Call logWhen a change to a meeting note or call log is made
TASK_CREATEPipelineTaskWhen a task is created
TASK_COMPLETEPipelineTaskWhen a task is complete
TASK_DUEPipelineTaskWhen a task is due
CONTACT_CREATETeamContactWhen a contact is created
ORG_CREATETeamOrganizationWhen an organization is created
CONTACT_UPDATETeamContactWhen a contact is updated
ORG_UPDATETeamOrganizationWhen an organization is updated
CONTACT_DELETETeamContactWhen a contact is deleted
ORG_DELETETeamOrganizationWhen an organization is deleted