Searching for boxes, contacts, and organizations by query

Any search by query will return results on orgs, boxes, and contacts.


The search endpoint allows you to search the contents on boxes. The search functionality returns a relevance sorted list of boxes. query will return a search on name, notes, emails, text formula custom fields, and text freeform custom fields.

Boxes come back in the following format:

Property NameDescription
boxKeyThe key of the box found
nameName of the box found
lastUpdatedTimestampTimestamp of the last time the box was updated
assignedToKeysList of the keys of users assigned to the box
pipelineKeyKey of the pipeline the box is in
stageKeyStage the box is in

Below is an example of a request that limits search to 2 pipelines and three stages. Replace the {{double brackets}} and the text within to use the request yourself.

curl '{{Everything+is+awesome%21}}&pipelineKey={{agxaWmb29nE9yRyZXb3JrXCgw}}&pipelineKey={{agb29nYaXphdGlvb3JrZmxv}}&stageKey={{5003}}&stageKey={{5005}}&stageKey={{5007}}' -u {{YOUR API KEY}}:

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