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Pipelines are a core data object in Streak. They represent a business process that a user or set of users would like managed. Pipelines are typically used for Sales, Hiring, Product Development, Bug Tracking, Project Management, Fundraising, Dealflow and others.

A pipeline defines the schema for the boxes it contains. It defines the set of stages that contained boxes can be in as well as the set of custom fields. A pipeline is created by a single user but can be shared to other users or to an entire organization.

Pipelines have several fields that describe the schema of the pipeline and hence describe the schema of any boxes contained within it.

The stages and fields properties are embedded in the pipeline object for convenience, however, to update these properties you must use the respective endpoints listed in the Stages and Fields sections.

Property NameDescription
creatorKeyThe user key of the user that created the pipeline
nameThe name of this pipeline
teamWideWhether this pipeline is shared with all users in the organization (same domain in email address)
fieldsDescribes what fields each box within the pipeline can have. This field is read-only. To modify, refer to the fields endpoints
stagesA map describing the set of possible stages a box within the pipeline can be in. Read-only. Can only be modified using stages endpoints
stageOrderEditable array which allows you to reorder the stages. This modifies the order of the stages that appear in the web UI.
aclEntriesAn array of ACL objects (with properties: fullName, email, isOwner, image) which determines a list of users who have access to this pipeline.
ownerAn object with the same properties as elements in the aclEntries array specifying the creator of this pipeline.

The aclEntries field specifies the individual users, other than the owner, who have permission exceptions compared with the teamWide entries. Currently, sharing a pipeline to another user gives them full access to reading, writing and management of that pipeline. The orgWide field specifies whether this pipeline is shared with everyone inside the users organization. An organization is defined as users with the same google apps for your domain.

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