Create an Organization

Create a new organization. All organizations are scoped to a particular team so a teamKey is required. When creating an organization you can provide al of the organization info in a single call. See the possible parameters below.

Organizations must have at least one of name or domains set.

Note: Including the parameter getIfExisting limits the parameters you can include in the call.


Content Type and Auth

Make sure to include -H "Content-Type: application/json" and your authorization in any request you make on your own.

  • You must include a name OR a website (domains) in your request, or your organization will fail to create.
  • You may not have duplicated websites.
  • You must have permissions to create an organization for the team or you will not be able to complete this request.


Check if organization exists?

If the getIfExisting parameter is included, you can ONLY pass the parameter of domains.

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