Get timeline for a box


Recommended API

It's highly recommended to use this API instead of the endpoints that fetch individual entity types.

The timeline endpoint provides a consolidated view of all the timestamped contents of a box (files, threads, meetings & call logs) along with newsfeed entries. This consolidated endpoint is more performant and supports cursor based paging to efficiently fetch the data.

Additional parameters can be supplied to filter down the types of entities returned by this endpoint. For example, you can request the endpoint just return threads and files.


To use the paging functionality of this endpoint, you must first make a request to the endpoint specifying any parameters you want (direction, limit, filters, startTimestamp). The response will include a nextPage token which you can supply on subsequent requests to get further pages.


Tokens have everything you need

It's important to note that the nextPage tokens that are returned by this endpoint, have the parameters you supplied encoded within it. Therefore, it is unnecessary, and an error, to provide any other parameters when you supply a nextPage token to this endpoint.

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