Update a box

This call lets you edit the properties of a box.

The post data for this request must be a well formed JSON object. The properties of the JSON object determine what properties of the box get updated. The above are the allowable properties for that JSON object. All other properties will be ignored.


Updating field and stages properties

To change the fields or the stages property, you must use different endpoints. The fields and stages are only provided as a convenience here. The necessary endpoints are specified in the Field and Stage section of this document.

Note: if updating contacts or organizations, you can do so using this API endpoint.


Content Type and Auth

Make sure to include -H "Content-Type: application/json" and your authorization in any request you make on your own.


Only those you list in your arrays will be associated with your box!

In other words, if you're adding assigned to/contacts/organizations to a box that already has them (and you don't want to remove them), you'll have to send previous objects up along with this call, as well.

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