What can the Streak API do?

The Streak API is a RESTful interface and allows you to programmatically use Streak.

Our API powers a majority of the functions and actions a user can make within Streak – creating boxes, pipelines, snippets, etc. As a rule: anything you can do in Streak can be done in the API.

We've designed the platform and these docs to be easy to use and understand for people with or without development experience.


Exceptions to the rule

There are exceptions to the rule above. Because our application connects directly to Gmail, certain functions (email tracking and mail merge, notably) are unavailable via our API.

There are countless ways to leverage our open platform and customize your team's experience. Below are a few examples of how teams utilize our API.

Create and modify pipelines & boxes

Pipelines and boxes are the foundation on which the rest of Streak is built. You can use our API to create a box in response data from other applications, or even create a whole new pipeline for your team.

If you're syncing data into Streak, you can even update multiple fields at once in a box.

Build responsive workflows

Using webhooks, you can connect actions made in Streak to responses that power complex workflows both in Streak and in other applications your team uses.

Building out automations like these for your team can be difficult (especially if you don't have a server handy), so if you don't have resources to build that out – or if you just want to experiment on your own – we've made it easy to create these with a deep Zapier integration.

Extract, transform, load

Need to deliver a complicated report for your business team? The API allows you to pull all of the data from a pipeline into JSON object from a single request. From there, you can transform and load that data into the platform of your choice.

What’s Next

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