Any and everything you need to know about authentication with the Streak API

You authenticate with Streak using your API key. Each request to the Streak API must include your API key.



Your API key has all of the same privileges that you have while accessing Streak. Any pipelines you have access to in your Streak account will also be available from the API. Be sure to keep your API keys secret.

If you feel or suspect an API key has been compromised, you can always delete it and create a new one.

Generate an API key

After completing installation, navigate to Gmail, click on the Streak icon in the right sidebar, and select the Integrations button.

This will open a window where you can view existing integrations and create new API keys. Under the Streak API section of integrations, click the button to Create New Key.

What kind of authentication needs to be provided with my requests?

Streak uses HTTP Basic Auth to sign each request with your API key. Simply set the username of the request to the API key. The password field is ignored. All requests must be made over HTTPS; HTTP requests will be ignored.

Here's a sample request:
curl -u YOUR_API_KEY:

A note about SSL

The Streak API uses SNI SSL type. While this is compatible with all modern SSL clients and libraries, there are certain exceptions. Most notably: Python 2.x does not support the SNI SSL type. Python 3.x does support it. If you are using a client library that can not be updated and does not support SNI, let us know at [email protected] and we'll manually setup another API endpoint for your use.