Frequently Asked Questions

What's the API endpoint for Streak?

We have two! They are and

What does Streak use for authentication?

Streak uses HTTP Basic Auth for authentication and all calls must be over HTTPS.

Is there a rate limit for API requests?

We currently do not have a hard rate limit, but do ask that you let us know if you're planning on doing more than 10 requests/second.

Depending on the nature of the requests, please be aware that Google currently limits projects to an API rate limit of 20 requests/second.

What does Streak use as a date format?

Unless otherwise noted, all date properties are represented in milliseconds since epoch (Jan 1, 1970). In this format, Tuesday, December 19, 2017 9:55:21 PM (GMT) is represented by 1513720521000.

How do I automate Streak?

Use Zapier. Zapier automates workflows through "Zaps", which will automatically complete an action based on a certain trigger (for instance, you can make a new card in Trello any time you make a new box in Streak).

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